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GACounts 3.0 System

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GA Counts v3 is no longer testing. GA Counts v3 is up and the data is real.

You may now enter data into GA Counts v2 or GA Counts v3. Do NOT enter the same activity in both systems. Once a week we will copy newly entered data from GA Counts v2 to GA Counts v3. We request that you enter all 2006 activities in GA Counts v2. You are welcome to enter 2007 activities in either (but not both) systems. We will keep both system operational until everyone is comfortable with the functionality and success of the new system.

If you would like to test drive GA Counts v3, enter a few "test" records.

  1. Enter "TEST ..." for the record title.
  2. Enter the Beginning Date of "January 1, 2007"

All records meeting these two criteria will be deleted weekly. All other records are considered valid and will be used for CAES Reporting and Accountability functions.

Please be aware that the search page and your ability to print reports is very limited at this time. Many features will be added to the search and printing functions of the program in the next month.

Important Differences between GA Counts v2 and GA Counts v3.

GA Counts Version 2.0
GA Counts Version 3.0
Program Areas (Select One) Program Areas (Select all that apply)
4-H 4-H
Common Support
  Professional Society


Delivery Methods are now called report types. The list has expanded to better categorize your activities.

GA Counts Version 2.0
GA Counts Version 3.0
Delivery Methods (Select One) Report Types (Select all that apply)
Standard Program Standard Program
Presentation Presentation
Event Event
Site Visit On Site Consult
Media Produced Media Produced (now include all research publications)
Media Distributed Media Distributed
Exhibit Media Produced (and On Site Consult if appropriate)
{See Exhibit note below}
Office Office
Club Meeting Club Meeting
  4-H Camps & Conferences
  Committee Activities
  Event Judge
  Fund Development Activities
  Honors and Awards
  Special or Society Appointments
  Professional Development

Research Conducted

  Classroom Instruction (College)


More Differences

  • You may select multiple program areas, multiple topics, and multiple report types (delivery methods). This will greatly enhance your reporting options, but please be careful about selecting more than one program area, topic or delivery method. While you have the option to select more than one, doing so should be the exception not the norm. The majority of reports will have one program area, one delivery method and one topic.
  • Exhibit has been discontinued. Manned exhibits have two types of contacts, people that view the exhibit (media contacts) and people that stop and visit (face-to-face contacts). In GA Counts v2, Exhibit was a combination of media distributed and on-site face-to-face contacts. Because you can now select both media distributed and on-site consult for the same record, there was no longer a need for this specialized report type in GA Counts v3.
  • The monthly office contact form has been eliminated. The monthly office contact form was a specialized form in GA Counts v2 allowing you to record office contacts for all three program areas on one form. Similar to exhibits, this is no longer needed. You can now select one, two or three program areas when completed an office reports. This new option makes the specialized "Monthly Office Contact Report" form unnecessary. However, you still need to submit a monthly office report.

Search and Print

The search functions are still in development. The standard search functions in GA Counts v3 allow expanded searches beyond your records. For example, you may now search for all records in your county. An advance (and much more powerful) search function will be added soon.

At this time we have not added any special functions for printing hard copy reports. Printing directly from Internet Explorer is much better than before. The development of specialized reports will be coming soon. If you need help retrieving any data from the system, please contact

Many of the changes in GA Counts v3 were made to accommodate the development of an online Faculty/Staff Activity Report. Research and Classroom (Collegiate) are now part of the GA Counts v3 System.

HELP is available throughout the site.

A comprehensive help manual and guidelines are being developed. A comprehensive list of example reports will be coming soon.

We welcome your suggestions to While the core functions of GA Counts are fully operationally, we depend on your feedback to fine tune this system.