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Research Farm Project Outline and Responsibility

Please use the following form for each plant and/or animal project to be conducted at the CAES Research & Education Centers. Please contact Kelly Eisele at (706) 542-2151 with any questions.

While completing the form, be sure to click "Save & Continue" to ensure that you do not lose data.

To retrieve a previous project: Enter your email address and click "Retrieve Projects."

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Collaborators top

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  3. If one or more of your collaborators are outside of the college, manually enter them as non-CAES collaborators below.

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Project Description top

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Scientist and Station Responsibilities top

Use the checkboxes below to indicate if this is a plant and/or animal project; a plant or animal section will appear based on your choice. Attention should be given to special budget inputs, labor, supplies and equipment, and disposition/ sale of products.

Plant Science Projects top

General plant project info

Responsibilities by Task

TaskMain Responsible PartyChanges from Routine

Animal Science Projects top

NOTE: An Animal Use Protocol (AUP) must be completed for each project involving animals, even if no treatments are applied to the animals and no data are collected from them. This would include, for example, studies in which animals are used for grazing of forage trials or to create runoff in field studies.

General animal project info

Animal feeding info

Yes No *Specify whose responsibility (Researcher or Farm Unit) it is to provide or pay for each of the special needs listed. Make sure that enough detail is included, so that both the researcher and the farm unit manager clearly understands what is to provided by each to the project.

Responsibilities by Task

TaskMain Responsible PartyChanges from Routine

Important Dates

Date Procedure or Activity to be performed (please do not use commas in this field)
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Additional Responsibilities and Funding top

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Routing and Approval top

The form will be routed electronically to the appropriate department or unit head, REC or Farm Superintendent, and finally the individual responsible for the REC (usually an assistant or associate dean). Please ensure the correct individuals are selected for the three levels. The form can be returned at any approval level with requested changes. The form submitter will be notified by e-mail once the project has been approved.

  • Lew Hunnicutt: Griffin Field Research Services
  • Mark McCann: Vidalia Onion Research and Education Center
  • Janine Sherrier: Iron Horse Plant Sciences Farm
  • Tim Smalley : Durham Horticulture Farm
  • Bob Stougaard: Research Education Centers (RECs)
  • Joe West: Tifton Field Research Services
  • Francis Fluharty: Animal and Dairy Science
Bob Stougaard

By submitting this form, the principal investigator verifies that all relevant University Guidelines are being met and project protocols were approved by the relevant committees as appropriate (radiological safety, biological hazards, animal use).