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WUFFDA Minnesota Version

You talk about feed formulation programs, boy, this is it. A guy would need Microsoft Excel to use it, though. Okay, a gal would too. But ya can't complain. It could be worse if a guy needed a program that nobody used and had to look all over the county for it. If it's not too much trouble, a guy would also need Microsoft Word to read WUFFDA.Doc.

If you wanted to, then, read this to find out how to use WUFFDA. Or not. Just saying, it's there. Whatever. And if you're not too busy, there, then, you could take a look there at WUFFDA.PPT. That's if you wanted to see how to use the program and again you don't have to look all over. You just need Microsoft PowerPoint. It's a heckuva deal, all around. Take a look at it. Ya only go around once. So, then, click here to download the WUFFDA files. They'll end up on your computer somewhere, unless it's off its feed. So, have fun with it then. You bet.

Translation by: Jan Hogle,

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